Supporting TOEFL iBT® Success on WeSpeke: Content + Communication + Community!

Supporting TOEFL iBT® Success on WeSpeke: Content + Communication + Community!

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I’m taking the TOEFL in two days and want to practice my English. Can you help me?“

When I’m on WeSpeke, I often get that question. My response? “Of course!” My partner and I then begin an exchange and I do my best to help with TOEFL prep. Usually my partners want a video exchange to practice English face-to-face. No problem! We launch the WeSpeke video tool. After each chat has finished, I am reminded how important the TOEFL iBT test is for my partner.  I also hope that our time together on WeSpeke helped a bit!

English is #1
It is no surprise that the #1 target language in WeSpeke (and in the world) is English. Many in the WeSpeke global community tell us they are preparing to take the TOEFL iBT® Test. Some are students wanting to pursue their education at an English-speaking institution. Others are professionals hoping to work overseas or advance in their careers at home. Whatever the reason, we want to help them get the TOEFL score that will open the door to accomplishing their personal or professional goals!

Content + Communication + Community
As a team, we started to think about how WeSpeke can help our English learners. We know they benefit from chatting with a partner on the platform. But was there a way we could deliver learning tools that develop the English skills needed for TOEFL iBT success and integrate our global community?

That’s exactly what we came up with—Lessons that deliver content + communication + community. And that’s the secret sauce that makes our Lessons different!

TOEFL iBT Lessons
We decided to begin with TOEFL support that builds language skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. We started with reading and used the WeSpeke Lesson template to create the 24 TOEFL Reading Skills Lessons that you’ll find in the WeSpeke Shop. Our TOEFL Lessons are currently geared for pre-intermediate learners (Level 3 on WeSpeke) and intermediate learners (Level 4 on WeSpeke). Our Lessons will benefit the learner still building TOEFL skills as well as the learner who is ready for the TOEFL and wants to “polish up” their skills.

Try a TOEFL Lesson out for FREE!
Why not give a TOEFL Lesson a try? Register for free and use your free credit to access any of the 24 TOEFL Reading Skills Lessons. Let us know what you think. If you to access more Lessons, you can purchase very affordable credits.

Wanted: TOEFL Classes
If you’re an English or TOEFL prep teacher, why not use the Lessons to present skills, to provide additional practice, or as review?  They'll be an ideal supplement to your instruction.  Get in touch and we’ll help you get started.

Wanted: TOEFL Writers
If you’re an English/TOEFL teacher and have TOEFL prep lessons (vocabulary, grammar, readings, etc.) to share with the world, get in touch.  You can publish on WeSpeke and get paid for doing it!

Next: Listening Lessons

In the next two months, we'll be publishing Lessons that focus on Listening Skills...with more TOEFL Lesson to follow!

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