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How to Use the Notebook in Your Language Classroom

Help your students build language proficiency with the personalized WeSpeke Notebook! We all know that students are more motivated when they can talk about what interests them. But sometimes, the curriculum or textbooks don’t include the words they want to use. Now, your students can create, annotate, and re-use personalized lists of vocabulary, phrases, and even URLs in their WeSpeke Notebook.

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Personalize Language Learning with the new WeSpeke Notebook

Now you can learn the language you want to learn by creating your own online phrasebook on WeSpeke! Research shows that one of the most effective ways to learn a language is to make the experience meaningful for you. Learn and practice the language related to topics that are relevant to you and with real people who share similar interests. With the new WeSpeke Notebook, you can create a personalized language tool to help achieve your language goals.

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Use the WeSpeke Mobile App to Learn Languages and Connect with the World

Turn down time into productive time. Build language skills with the help of multiple language partners on WeSpeke. By using WeSpeke as a practice tool, you can advance in a career, prepare for an upcoming trip, get a good grade in your language class, or pursue a lifelong dream of being bilingual. Now you can chat with anyone, anywhere, and at anytime with the updated WeSpeke mobile app available for Android and iOS smart phones.

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WeSpeke is open to all

We've been hard at work on the site and we're very happy to invite you to join our open beta! WeSpeke is designed to allow you to connect and communicate with your francophone peers to practice French and exchange cultures while opening the doors to future travel and job opportunities. We have plenty of exciting new features still to come. Now that we're in public beta, why not invite your friends to join you on WeSpeke?

We look forward to seeing you on WeSpeke soon!

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Filtering and scheduling and messaging, oh my!

Hello, and Season’s Greetings! This is a quick update from WeSpeke as we all prepare for the holidays and time with family and friends. We’re excited to announce new features and tools to make it much easier to connect with other people around the world on WeSpeke. Two big changes to the site should help you…
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